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New York Times bestselling author of numerous books, having sold more than 2 million copies in 8 languages, Orrin Woodward is founder and Chairman of the Board of Life and Obstaclés Press. He also serves as President of the All Grace Outreach charity. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Kettering University (formerly GMI Engineering & Management Institute) and received business administration training from the University of Michigan.

In 2017, he was listed on Richtopia’s Top 200 Most Influential Authors in the World. In 2015, he was listed in Inc. magazine’s Top 100 Speakers, and he was listed in Modern Servant Leader’s Top Leadership Experts to Follow in 2015. In 2014, he was ranked number 20 on Inc. magazine’s Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts. Kettering/GMI University honored him as the 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year (along with Chris Brady). And as an engineer in the automotive industry, Orrin was awarded four U.S. patents and won an exclusive National Technical Benchmarking Award. Orrin is also the former GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® holder for the Largest Book Signing, with 6,786 copies of his book, And Justice for All signed in just six hours and thirty-three minutes.

Orrin and his wife Laurie have four adult children and follow the sun between residences in Michigan and Florida. He enjoys boating, fishing, reading, writing, traveling, playing racquetball, running, and bodybuilding.

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Launching a Leadership Revolution book cover

Launching a Leadership Revolution

Everyone will be called upon to lead at some point in his or her life. The only question is, will YOU be ready?

Get the book that started the revolution! Sooner or later, all of us will be called upon to lead in some capacity. Leadership skills are vital in corporate settings, small businesses, church, community organizations, and even at home. Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward have recognized this need and have jointly created an in-depth, step-by-step guide for developing leadership skills.

Launching a Leadership Revolution will teach you about leadership as both a science and an art. Utilizing an abundance of historical examples, the authors have developed a unique 5-step plan that charts a course for creating and maintaining strong leadership in any organization. The plan guides the reader through the “Five Levels of Influence”:

- Learning: a leader must be able to learn from anyone
- Performing: persevere through failure to find success
- Leading: extend your ability by expanding your team
- Developing Leaders: learn to trust your people
- Develop Leaders Who Develop Leaders: create a legacy

This book is full of prescriptive advice, as well as quotes and anecdotes that illustrate the authors’ principles.

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There is a reason this book is a #1 best seller. It very neatly and succinctly lays out an explanation of what it means to be a leader and what it takes to become one. This book is used by the University system in my state as a business and leadership textbook. It’s phenomenal.
- Kevin Swedberg
Well written and easy to understand leadership principles with historical examples. Defines a clear progression of characteristics and instruction from Foundational Qualities to level 5 leadership skills. Points to the critical need for Leadership in our world today. Excellent guide to leadership development that can be built upon for a lifetime.
- Gene Higgins

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Latest News

16Feb 17

Orrin Woodward Names Richtopia’s Top 200 Most Influential Authors in the World


In February of 2017, Orrin Woodward was listed at #92 on Richtopia’s Top 200 list of most influential authors in the world, next to his business partner and friend, Chris Brady, who was listed at #132. According to Richtopia, the list is comprised of authors who are influential and effective at having soft-power and the ability to be proactive, particularly in the digital sphere. The Richtopia authors list is compiled using a number of metrics combining to produce rank order. Two of the main influencers on a person’s ranking are their social media profiles and standard media coverage.

19Nov 16

Orrin Woodward Speaks at the 12th Annual Mastermind Event in Orlando, Florida


With more than 2,500 attendees, over 25 of the world’s top direct selling leaders and speakers, and more than 100 Direct Selling companies represented, the Mastermind Event is the longest-running, most trusted, well respected and relevant Direct Selling Event in the World. For many years, Orrin Woodward has been one of the Senior Faculty and top speaker draws at this event. Throughout the weekend, top leaders from around the world discussed best practices, shared helpful tools of the trade, and inspiring success stories, and made lasting connections and friendships.

The Mastermind Event, founded by networker Art Jonak, is a closed event for members of the network marketing profession where top performers share information specific to the profession that has been tested and proven. Jonak and his Mastermind team say that networkers from over fifty countries and one hundred plus different direct selling companies have attended their event and that many of the attendees, like Woodward, are proven leaders running world-class organizations, so newcomers and those at all levels have an opportunity to mingle with and learn from the best and brightest the profession has to offer. Woodward calls what Jonak has created a “win–win culture” where driven, passionate attendees from hundreds of different organizations lift one another and the entire industry up rather than tearing each other down.


Additional Information

Orrin achieved his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Kettering University (formerly GMI Engineering & Management Institute) and received business administration training from the University of Michigan.

Manufacturing Engineer, Product Engineer, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Author, Publisher, Board Member.

Orrin and his wife Laurie (married in 1991) have four adult children (Jordan, Christina, Lance, Jeremy) and follow the sun between residences in Michigan and Florida.

Orrin is a founder and Chairman of the Board of All Grace Outreach, a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, which focuses on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world and helping abused, abandoned, and distressed women and children.

Orrin enjoys yachting, boating, fishing, reading, writing, traveling, playing basketball, running, and bodybuilding.

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